The lawyers of the corporate law team of Ceg Legal, S.C., provide timely advice to the clients of the firm with the quickness that the business field demands, without neglecting the legal rigor necessary for a due protection of our clients’ interests.

The firm offers, among other, the following services in the field of corporate law:


• Advice on the incorporation, merger, spin-off, conversion, dissolution and liquidation of entities.


• Grant and revocation of powers of attorney.


• Preparing and conducting shareholders and partners’ meetings as well as meetings of the board of directors.


• Drafting and formalizing meeting minutes, where various resolutions are adopted, including: increase and reduction of capital stock, dividend distribution, amendment of the by-laws of entities, change in the board of directors and/or statutory auditors, corporate restructurings, and so on.


• Advice on various company law matters, including: liability of directors and statutory auditors, minority rights of shareholders and partners, the defense of the validity of resolutions of shareholders and partners meetings, or, challenging them.


• Drafting and controlling corporate records of entities, including corporate books, stock share certificates, and so on.


• Advice on the installation, operation and/or expansion of entities in Mexico, including the permits and licenses necessary for such purposes, as well as contracts of purchase and sale or lease of real estate goods.


• Advice on foreign investment for entities and individuals, including several obligations before the Foreign Investment National Registry office.


• Drafting, review, negotiation, formalization and implementation of business contracts and deals, including: loan agreements, purchase and sale contracts, security agreements, sharing agreements, collaboration agreements, joint venture agreements, leases, trust agreements, service agreements, and so on.


• Advice on the compliance of privacy law and anti-money laundering law in Mexico.


• Advice on conducting due diligence processes to acquire entities.




Ceg Legal, S.C., is one of the few firms in Mexico with lawyers specialized in this field of law. The attorneys of the firm have broad experience and knowledge on aviation law, which allow them to provide their clients with the following services:


• Counsel to air carriers, lessors and entities engaged in the aerospace industry on de application of international treaties relating to air transport, executed by Mexico, as well as laws and regulations to obtain permits and licenses.


• Review and negotiation of lease contracts, purchase and sale agreements or financing of aircraft, helicopters and engines.


• Advice on air passenger rights as well as on air carriers’ liability issues.


Labor & Social Security


The labor and social security areas are fields of law subject to a broad and complex regulatory framework. Therefore, companies should seek proper advice and legal defense to protect their interests, so that they may timely take the best decisions and optimize their human and material resources.

At Ceg Legal, S.C., we are convinced of the importance that the companies’ labor and social burdens represent as well as the sensitivity with which such burdens have to be dealt with, so that companies achieve better results and continue their development. Therefore the firm offers, among others, the following services:


• Review and drafting individual employment agreements.


• Preventive advice.


• Review and update of internal employment regulations.


• Advice on the payment of employee profit sharing (PTU).


• Review of service subcontracting schemes (Outsourcing).


• Advice on labor relationship terminations.


• Giving legal opinions on the due compliance with employers’ obligations before the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute (INFONAVIT).


• Diagnosis of employment risks to determine the due classification of entities.


• Attending and supporting entities to carry out any control act notified by the IMSS and the INFONAVIT (on-site regulatory audit, desk review, opinion review, correction, and so on).


• Litigation against definitive actions issued by the IMSS and INFONAVIT, such as premium rectification resolutions, social security claims, tax credits and fines.


• Refund of fees paid with no legal grounds.


• Application of agreements for expats.