About us



To become a very attractive choice for entities and individuals as a highly specialized law firm, given the excellence of its services, the closeness and direct treatment with clients, the timely response to various scenarios and challenges, and its members’ knowledge and experience.




To provide specialized legal services of high quality to entities and individuals, with the purpose that our clients deal only with their business, having the tranquility and certainty that their legal matters are in good hands. To give legal advice with a preventive approach, aiming at avoiding, or, mitigating risks for our clients.


Ceg Legal, S.C., was formed to give response to a growing demand of highly specialized legal services to entities and individuals in corporate law, aviation law, labor and social security law. The attorneys of the firm clearly understand their clients’ needs. Ceg Legal, S.C., has advised entities and individuals from a wide variety of industries that include: aerospace, automotive, energy, molds and dies, pharmaceutical industry, steel, among others.


The lawyers of Ceg Legal, S.C., are committed to give legal advice on a close, empathetic, direct and timely manner; but at the same time in a transparent and honest way. Therefore, our clients will have all the legal support necessary to make the best decision.


The members of the firm not only have advised their clients with a preventive approach, but also have firmly defended their clients’ interests in a creative manner. Also, the lawyers of Ceg Legal, S.C., are prepared to react efficiently to problems, situations, risks or proceedings that our clients face to reach the best solution possible.


The attorneys of the firm studied at the best law schools of Mexico, have taken master programs and courses in Mexico and other countries. Also, they have gained broad experience in preventing and solving complex and sophisticated problems that our clients face on a daily basis.


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